Daughters of Hecate

Opening Monday 6th May from 5-9pm

06.05.19 - 01.06.19

Lucy Stein
Sarah Hartnett
Mark Harwood
Ilker Cinarel
Steven Claydon
Stefania Batoeva

White Crypt is pleased to invite you to the opening of Daughters of Hecate, a group show curated by Lucy Stein, in collaboration with Anaïs Lerendu and Adam Thomas. The show will open from 5-9pm on Monday 6th May Bank Holiday and will host performances and DJ set.

Daughters of Hecate brings together six artists who work in London and west Cornwall, or both places. It is my ambition to derail the Michael and Mary Ley Lines, which converge via my studio in Newlyn, and get them to rejoin at the Crypt under St Marks. London is a deeply pagan place that could slough off its concrete cladding at any moment with a rupture of it’s capricious will. What these artists have in common is working from positions of passion, obsession with mortality, addiction to viscera, to loud music and recognition that to emerge psychically alive from the tomb of surveillance-capitalism, you have to venture darkly into the underbelly of deep information and court real pain.’ Lucy Stein

images: Rob Harris