Further Images

14.07.18 - 11.08.18

Iain Ball
Hazel Brill
Jack Burton
James Fuller
Thomas Van Linge
Puck Verkade

The exhibition explores the weight and flow of images by bringing together a group of young artists who examining popular culture through various forms of media drawing attention to that which tends to be overlooked in our everyday relationship to reality.

Jack Burtons practice engages with the medium of photograph through the use of collage and layering. Incorporating a richness of visual imagery, his works often have a feeling of suspension, floating, fragmentary narratives pregnant with the potential for change. His new collages further his exploration and challenge of photography using shifting layers of competing imagery and materials.

Thomas Van Linge’s work mixes and combines popular culture and imagery through various materials and modes of production. His practice incorporates musical heritage, visual culture and the changing effects technology and commodification has upon the contemporary human condition. His video combines found and computer generated footage and explores the behaviour and materiality of sound. 

Hazel Brill constructs narratives and scripts which play with various ideas of the contemporary self, deploying strategies of visual language incorporating signs and symbols with shifting and often contradictory meanings that challenge and critique contemporary culture’s tendency towards layered identities. Her video uses the visual effects deployed in a car advertisement to examine psychology, desire and film-making and editing techniques.

Puck Verkade’s video interrogates lens based politics and image circulation. Through combining different viewpoints and experiences around a shared location. Her practice reconsiders biological and cultural archetypes of gender, sexuality and cultural identity, and highlights how these phenomena of the human condition are generated, mediated and manipulated through mass media and pop culture.

Present within James Fuller’s work is the investigation into the flow of material. His works reflect upon our position through anthropology demonstrated and derived from gathering and re-presenting the discarded elements of a wholesale market. Where the organic and non-organic matter are seemingly arranged and rearranged as product, byproduct and waste in cycles of activity.

Iain Ball’s works with the interrelationship between science, technology and reality. Often examining a material’s basis within technology and how it can define the spirit of a reality increasingly more globalised and digitalised. His works take the idea of sculpture as the interdependency of object relations and how they are ‘sculptured’ or networked together by the environment and consciousness. Seen here in his work which uses a found image as the basis of an ongoing project where he is attempting to source all of the objects seen within the photograph.

‘Further Images’ is the second group exhibition curated by Anaïs Lerendu and Adam Thomas, following ‘further materials’ in 2017.

images: Rob Harris