Further Materials

18.02.17 - 18.03.17

Xavier Antin
Ben Cain
Eloise Hawser
Suzi Osborn
Marianne Spurr
Yuri Pattison
Cyril Zarcone

Our environment is built and affected by varying modes of production, its development persistently shapes our lives, work, and the world around us, we continually reinvent ourselves in response to these new realities. 

The exhibition aims to understand the influences that technology and industrial developments have upon artistic production, and highlight some of the creative possibilities and critical potentialities artists are exploring in their work, from the industrial and the material to the digital and the immaterial. 

Central to the exhibition is the shifting understanding of the artists’ studio, its transition from a workshop for physical production to a new type of space which has increasingly been opened up by artists adopting multiple forms of practice with a more fluid approach to research and production. 

By questioning our environment, artists help us to comprehend our historical situation surrounded by networks and the post industrial technological cultures.

Curated by Adam Thomas and Anaïs Lerendu