Ripe Beings

Opening Saturday 29th June from 6.30 - 8pm

29.06.19 - 27.07.19

Olivia Brazier
Charlotte Edey
Magdalena Kita
Shana Moulton
Hannah Regel
Amy Steel
Lise Stoufflet
Alicia Tsigarides

Ripe Beings presents the visions of eight female artists and their explorations of the body as a generative, organic form, full of potential. Their varied practices consider the experience of female embodiment as well as perceptions of femininity. Within the Crypt’s architecture of curved shapes and snaking silver pipes - akin to the inside of a body - the space offers a unique environment to expand on these issues. Ripe Beings comprises of painting, sculpture, collage and video, and many of the artworks are unapologetic and celebratory in form and content. That being said, ripeness sits at the brink of the possibility of degeneration and the works in the exhibition reflect this tension, possessing hints of the grotesque and the uncanny in sensual, provocative and unexpected ways.

images: Courtesy of the artists and White Crypt, photography by Rob Harris
Shana Moulton Lyrica, Courtesy of Galerie Crèvecœur, Paris