06.09.19 - 05.10.19

For her first solo exhibition at White Crypt, May Hands’ work will reflect upon the September equinox as we transition from late Summer into early Autumn. From the last of the Summer sun with the days getting shorter and the sun sinking lower in the sky, to the crisp leaves turning amber as they dry and wither. These natural phenomena remind us of the transient quality of life and hint at the need to prepare for winter, to withdraw and turn inward just as nature at this time of the year rests and waits so that it may begin the cycle of seasons again anew.


29.06.19 - 27.07.19

Olivia Brazier, Charlotte Edey, Magdalena Kita, Shana Moulton, Hannah Regel, Amy Steel Lise Stoufflet, Alicia Tsigarides

Ripe Beings presents the visions of eight female artists and their explorations of the body as a generative, organic form, full of potential. Their varied practices consider the experience of female embodiment as well as perceptions of femininity.

Daughters of Hecate

06.05.19 - 01.06.19

Lucy Stein, Sarah Hartnett, Mark Harwood, Ilker Cinarel, Steven Claydon, Stefania Batoeva

Curated by Lucy Stein, in collaboration with Anaïs Lerendu and
Adam Thomas



Bodies of Water: Age of Fluidity

17.11.18 - 08.12.18

Hannah Rowan

Bodies of Water: Age of Fluidity is the first solo exhibition by artist Hannah Rowan. Rowan graduated from the Royal College of Art (Sculpture) 2018. Following her Summer residency at the Banff Centre (Alberta, Canada), Rowan presents a site-responsive immersive environment within the crypt exhibition space.


To the core

13.10.18 – 10.11.18

Charlie Godet Thomas, Anna Gonzalez Noguchi, Emily Lazerwitz, Paloma Proudfoot, Victor Seaward, Hua Wang, Rafal Zajko

To the core explores notions of storage, retrieval and archive, engaging the specific nature of the White Crypt site.

Curated by Anaïs Lerendu and Elaine Tam


Further Images

14.07.18 – 11.08.18

Iain Ball, Hazel Brill, Jack Burton, James Fuller, Thomas Van Linge, Puck Verkade

The exhibition examines the weight and flow of images by bringing together a group of young artists who examining popular culture through various forms of media drawing attention to that which tends to be overlooked in our everyday relationship to reality.

Curated by Adam Thomas and Anaïs Lerendu


04.05.18 – 02.06.18

Sophie Giller, Wendy McLean, Francesca Mollett and Matthew Musgrave

This exhibition explores the notion of liveliness through abstraction and the relationship between the viewer and the artist’s labour.

Curated by Anaïs Lerendu and Francesca Mollett



17.03.18 – 14.04.18

Helene Appel, Miriam Austin, Lupo Borgonovo, Hannah Lees, Laura Porter and Wieske Wester

Always the Real Thing gathers work by six international artists whose practices touch on ideas of tradition and authenticity. In the show, the ceremonial use of food is re contextualised with a humorous twist, and mysticism and popular culture are mixed to produce a combination of the sacred and the profane that collapses past and present through anachronisms of the form and content of belief.

Curated by Caterina Avataneo and Anaïs Lerendu




Beneath and between

16.09.17 - 07.10.17

Jonathan Michael Ray, Richard Müller

Across fictional landscapes and artificial materialities, Beneath and Between is a collaborative exhibition of new works by the artists Jonathan Michael Ray and Richard Müller. The show invites the spectator to look beyond what is seen, where surfaces and objects oscillate between timeless artefacts and contemporary archaeology.


01.06.17 - 15.07.17

Paul Bonnet, Aisha Christinson, Anna Klimentchenko, Valentin Perrault and Tobias Teschner

The exhibition takes its inspiration from a poem written by Victor Hugo ‘Night’ (1846), and questions how artists approach dreams in their work. Through diverse references from Classisism to Romanticism, and Symbolism, each artist brings us into their own universe where vanities, monsters, and angels reflect our interiorities.


Hail to the New Flesh

20.05.17 - 17.06.17

Laura Gozlan

The artist Laura Gozlan creates a fictional space where everything is a hypothesis challenging the environment in its form and content. Thus, as an anticipation, Hail to The New Flesh takes us to a parallel world which is strangely uncertain, where sculptures and installation evolve in a constant state of flux. 



30.03.17 - 29.04.17

Jean-Baptiste Caron, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, Marco Strappato, Wanda Wieser and Andrea Zucchini

Between alchemy, archeology and new technologies, this exhibition explores how artists approach our contemporary environment. Do the new technologies permit us to get closer to the entire history of our world or do they only give us a fragmented vision of it?
Through a personal way of looking at our history, artists challenge the spectator with anachronic works and fictional installations.

further materials

18.02.17 - 18.03.17

Xavier Antin, Ben Cain, Eloise Hawser, Suzi Osborn, Marianne Spurr, Yuri Pattison
and Cyril Zarcone

The exhibition aims to understand the influences that technology and industrial developments have upon artistic production, and highlight some of the creative possibilities and critical potentialities artists are exploring in their work, from the industrial and the material to the digital and the immaterial. 

Curated by Adam Thomas and Anaïs Lerendu




white crypt

25.11.16 - 10.12.16

Alfredo Aceto, Uliana Apatina, Miguel Miceli, Josefina Nelimarkka, Matthieu Raffard, David Schroeter, Claire Trotignon

This exhibition brings together seven emerging artists based in London and Paris. Isolated from the rest of the world, the crypt is a place where visitors are invited in a location which breaks with temporality, feeling out of time and out of space. Between ruins and fantastic landscapes, the singular universes created by each artist become imaginary portals offering a sublimated vision of the world that surrounds us.